About R Taco

R Taco is a distinctive fast-casual taco concept that serves creative street-style tacos that are both traditional and inspired. We plan to develop and grow the brand on a national scale. Our menu features a variety of tasty tacos at an affordable price, where each taco is hand-made fresh and fast in our open kitchen, using ingredients made from scratch. Warm chips, delicious salsas, craft beer and no- frills margaritas all served up in our welcome environment, round out the experience.

The original name “Rusty Taco” comes from our founder, Rusty Fenton who, along with his partner Steve Dunn, opened the first Rusty Taco in a converted gas station on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, TX in 2010. Rusty was passionate about food, especially tacos, and he finally made his dream come true when he opened this concept that offered freshly-made authentic and inspired street-style tacos. The dream got better when customers flocked to Rusty Taco and returned again and again. More restaurants soon followed, as well as a new shortened name, R Taco.

Why R Taco

R Taco is a very straightforward concept.

  • Offers a simple menu of tasty and authentic tacos prepared fresh every day, using many traditional cooking techniques.
  • Serves food quickly in a unique and fun atmosphere in a variety of locations.
  • Becomes a fun part of the community, a local hang out, and not just another typical chain restaurant.
  • Appeals to a broad range of demographics.
  • Our concept has 3 day parts: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and serves breakfast tacos all day long, a popular current trend.

R Taco is unique in the market.
Folks gotta eat, and R Taco is going to feed them.

  • Taco demand is growing rapidly because it is a fast, low cost meal of quality ingredients.
  • Menu board concepts offer lower labor costs and good food value.
  • R Taco is a smart choice in the current economy because it attracts diners of all disposable income levels.

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